Hot Natured- Reverse Skydiving ft. Anabel Englund

This song reinforces my feeling that there is so much good music out there just waiting to be discovered by your ears. This song is over 2 years old but I just found it thanks to my personalized “Discover Weekly” Playlist on Spotify. The Discovery weekly playlist, “is based both on your own listening as well as what others are playlisting and listening to around the songs you love – making your playlist completely unique and full of deep cuts and new discoveries.” This new feature was rolled out near the end of July and it’s become my favorite feature to use within Spotify. Now onto the song itself.

The words ‘reverse skydiving’ have never been read or said in my life but it sounded cool so I had to give it a listen. You’ll be able to hear right off the bat that the beat is super funky, hooking me right from the start. The funky beat is accompanied by sharp vocals and fun lyrics, making it a great song to blast on a good speaker system. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!


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