The Weeknd- Tell Your Friends

If you read my last post “10 Remixes You Need In Your Life,” then you already know I’m a fan of The Weeknd (and if you didn’t read that, you probably should). His vocal range is incredibly impressive and I love his smooth, dark style. Another thing that makes him a great artist is the fact that he sings about his life and his passions. A lot of artists fake some sort of lifestyle in their music but not The Weeknd. He’s very honest about his love for drugs and sex and he makes dope music about it.  The song “Tell Your Friends” is one of my favorites off of his new album “Beauty Behind The Madness.” This version is a little different from the album version, but you still get gist.  In the song, Abel (his real name for those who don’t know) takes us into his life, describing his come-up (from homeless to star), and letting us in on all his vices and not apologizing for it. In fact, he is encouraging you to tell your friends about it. He does what he wants and doesn’t care who knows it. Do this over a very soulful piano fueled instrumental produced by the one and only Kanye West and you instantly have an amazing song.

If you liked that, go get his album “Beauty Behind The Madness” on August 28th (yes, it leaked so I’ve listened to it a few times already and can say it is definitely worth it). For some more Weeknd music, check out his video for the song “The Hills” below.


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