#TBT – The Hunts at Firefly 2015

For my very first throwback post I knew I had to share The Hunts. These guys are a family band from Virginia and their musical ability is like none other. I saw them play at Firefly in June and ever since then I’ve been hooked.

At Firefly they played the majority of their album “Those Younger Days”, and, I kid you not, almost every single one of them played every instrument they had on stage. I watched the violinist go play the banjo and the drummer play the accordion and the guitarist play the bass and so on. It was incredible. Their harmonies are heavenly to the ears.

If you like Head and the Heart, get ready to be blown away. These guys are like a more folky version that does not disappoint. Here are a few of my favorites (but you should listen to their entire album):

“Lifting the Sea” – the harmony in this track blows my mind every time

“Valentina” – this song gives me chills. When they played this live, the audience was clapping to the beat and the vocal was just singing “oh valentina” for about a minute and a half, it was amazing. (unfortunately you don’t hear that on the studio track but its still chill-worthy)

“Ages” – this is one of the folkiest songs on the album but I do love the lyrics in this one. They ended their set with this song and it was just an all out jam sesh with all of the instruments.


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