#TBT Game- Hate It or Love It (ft 50 Cent)

Let me say this again, I LOVE throwback Thursday.  DJ Stumpo created an awesome playlist this morning to get things started.  But now it’s time to bring in the big guns.  I chose “Hate It or Love It” by Game and 50 Cent from 2005.  I can’t believe this song came out 10 years ago.  I still bump it all the time and it continues to make nearly every playlist I make.

Let’s start with the content of the song.  Both 50 and Game rap about their upbringings and how they overcame the struggles of their respective neighborhoods to become successful.  With all odds stacked against them, the underdogs made it to the top to be rap’s MVPs.  This song is a standout from the 2000s and is definitely one of the best from that decade.  The song was nominated various awards at various shows, including “Best Rap Song” and “Best Rap Collaboration” at the Grammy’s.

This beat is truly beautiful.  Produced by Cool & Dre, it is influenced by jazz and soul; and has female vocals providing a smooth backdrop.  Everything works so well together to produce, in my opinion, one of the top instrumentals of the 2000s.  The drums kick in at all the right moments and the bass line is so funky, making it necessary to nod your head along.

It’s a damn shame that these two artists had to start beefing with each other because they made amazing music together. They worked so well off each other in their songs but their egos ultimately proved too big to maintain a friendly relationship.  It has almost without a doubt had a negative effect on their careers.  Even though they still both put out good music, had they continued to work together, we might be talking about both of them as one of the best duos in rap history.


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