Breaking NEWS: DJ Stumpo Steals the Aux Cord!

Next on the list for posting their favorite songs is yours truly.  Now I can guarantee this list is going to be drastically different from fellow writer Teej.  As I started scrolling through songs on my ITunes, I realized Chewb would probably kill me if I posted my most played songs on this site. (Mostly because it would be filled with Sammy Adams and Fetty Wap.)

So, I wanted to challenge myself.  This is the list of my top 10 favorite songs at the moment with two conditions.

  1. All of these songs have been released within the past year. There will be no songs prior to August 16, 2014.
  2. None of these songs can currently be found on the Top 100 on ITunes or Spotify Top 50.

Let’s do this:

10. “I” – Kendrick Lamar

Every list has to have a loophole. While this song was released over a year ago, the album To Pimp A Butterfly was released in 2015 and it has the song on it.  I just remember the first time I heard it, and I loved it more than Kendrick loves himself.  Kendrick came out a couple years ago stating he was the best in the game, so him coming out with a song that states “I love myself” isn’t too shocking.  The reason it holds the 10 spot is because it is over a year old, but I can listen to it over and over again.

  1. “Baby Blue” – Action Bronson ft. Chance the Rapper

“Baby Blue” is a song that was on the Top 100 during the course of the past year, but at the moment currently does not have a spot.  The song is catchy and hilarious.  Especially when Chance has his verse at the 2:43 mark.  My buddy, and fellow writer G Baby, introduced me to Chance the Rapper and his style of rap is too good not to listen to.  I felt like he needed a spot on this list.  He has been known to team up with another rapper I’ve been known to overplay, Childish Gambino.  However, those songs are more than a year old and rules are rules.

  1. “Devil” – Cash Cash ft. Busta Rhymes, B.O.B, & Neon Hitch

If you know me, you know I love collaborations. This song is fairly new. I heard it the first time a couple weeks ago, and it grew on me.  The bass dropping before the verses is as “House” as my taste in music gets (Sorry Teej). The chorus is catchy, Busta Rhymes does a great job on the tracks, and it’s always nice to hear B.O.B is working and not pretending airplanes are shooting stars.

  1. “Leaves” – Miguel

Nobody in the music industry is doing R&B like Miguel is doing it right now.  That’s not even my opinion.  His new album Wildheart was released back in June and the reviews have been amazing.  However, not many of his songs are getting any playtime and is a reason I can put this one on the list.  I had to give the album a listen after hearing the reviews, and for those of you who like R&B, here is a taste of my favorite song off the album.

  1. “Professional Rapper” – Lil Dicky

G Baby did everyone a favor and reviewed Lil Dicky’s album Professional Rapper.  It’s not only impressive that Lil Dicky is taking his time to become a Professional Rapper, but having a six minute song that is also a conversation is mind blowing.  Listen to the lyrics of this song, and you can tell Lil Dicky is seriously talented. I also posted the video because it is absolutely hilarious.  Kid is going professional, but still sticking to his roots.

  1. “Stole the Show” – Kygo

This song has been popular all summer and has helped Kygo gain popularity. Now, I didn’t know who Kygo was before this song, but I did know this song before it became extremely popular. This song is the first song I ever showed fellow writer Tim that he did not absolutely hate.  I was pretty content with his satisfaction.  The song talks about things coming to an end and came out about a month before graduation.  Listening to it brings back good memories. I can truly say that in my four years at Pitt, my group of friends and I truly stole the show. For that reason Kygo… Top 5!

  1. “Woke The F*ck Up” – Jon Bellion

I think if anyone actively reads this site they know one thing, a lot of us get a half chub for Jon Bellion.  I really didn’t know much about him.  I love taking credit for finding people and songs, but I also give credit when credit is due. My girlfriend’s younger sister is a giant Jon Bellion fan, and told me to start listening to him.  He produces, writes, and performs. You don’t see that anymore. While you probably have heard his music before, a lot of you don’t know it is his work.  For example: he wrote the chorus for “Monster” by Eminem and Rhianna.  This is one of my favorite songs by him.

  1. “Love Yourz” – J. Cole

I had the opportunity to go and see J. Cole perform his entire 2014 Forest Hills Drive album, and it was one of the best concerts I have gone to.  I’m someone who gets excited for a new album, the same way people get excited for a new movie. I can curl up on the couch, put my headphones in, pull up Rap Genius, and read along for 2 hours.  Nobody is capable of telling a story like J. Cole.  The lyrics are powerful and send out a good message.  After hearing him talk about it live, that’s when it jumped to my favorite song by him.  He told the crowd that there’s a flaw in the concept of the American Dream.  We’re too preoccupied trying to compete for materialistic items, when happiness comes from the people around us.  Amazing song by an amazing rapper.

  1. “That’s How You Know” – Nico & Vinz, Kid Ink, and Bebe Rexha

Who would of thought a collaboration would be 2nd on my playlist? I already wrote an entire post about this song, so you know the reasons why this is becoming one of my favorite songs. The original version is a great song to drive to or just relax.  Attached is the remixed version and as the school year starts, I expect everyone to play this for pregaming purposes.  That will be my way of being at Pitt in spirit.

  1. “One Man Can Change The World” – Big Sean

I’m pretty upset this song became big.  When Big Sean’s album Dark Sky Paradise was released, I texted fellow writer G Baby and told him this is my favorite song on the album hands down! As time went on, the entire album became a success and every song blew up.  Rap gets old when all you hear about is money, women, and partying.  When an artist can take four minutes to talk about something important, it reminds me how hip-hop is an art.  It’s their work, but it’s also an outlet.  As many of you know, this song is for his Grandma who recently passed away.  I got to see Big Sean perform this live, and the amount of heart he puts into this performance is incredible.  Coming from someone who also believes in “family first,” it still takes the number 1 spot after 6 months.


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