One Time- Marian Hill

Today we have something very special for you. We have an exclusive look into Marian Hill and the members that make this amazing sound happen. If you have not heard of Marian Hill get on this wagon now. I was lucky enough to have grown up in the same town as Samantha Gongol (the addictive voice you are hearing right now) and I am so happy that she is doing so well in her career. The song above is my favorite by the duo (only by a bit) because of the sampled sax and sharpness of production. There is a lot to be said about Jeremy’s production in this song, mixing that smooth sax in and out of the song and altering Sam’s vocals especially at the end of the song to put a smile on this writers face.

Here is what Sam’s brother Tommy has to say about this talented duo and their story:

It’s tough to say how Samantha (of Philadelphia duo Marian Hill) got into music, because to my knowledge she’s always been in music. There was never a quiet moment in the house growing up. The music is just a part of her, the same being true of Jeremy, to the point where one might ask if the formation of Marian Hill wasn’t inevitable. Samantha, a music-business major from NYU, has performed in everything from a capella, to gospel, open mic nights to musical theatre and even sang the national anthem at a 76ers game when she was 14. Jeremy, a music major from Yale similarly was in the prestigious Yale Whiffenpoofs and performed musical theatre from a young age. It was in an 8th grade rendition of the Music Man that the friends met and where they eventually drew the name for the band. Talented apart, when they come together they bring something new to the music scene; a genre of their own that constantly has people swaying to Samantha’s soulful melodies as they feel Jeremy’s beats reverberating in their spine (if you’ve seen them live you know that this is no exaggeration). The cherry on top of this musical sundae is long-time friend Steve Davit’s live saxophone accompaniment. When it comes to Marian Hill there are going to be two types of people, those that saw them on the rise, and those that will see them on the top.

Its unreal how these two create such an entrancing sound. I missed them at Firefly and I will never make that mistake again! Enjoy this jam as well:



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