Alive @ 5 – Shaggy

It got a little late so this “Throwback Thursday” has to turn into a “Flashback Friday.” There are a lot of people who work on Thursdays, so I like to go out on the road and bring the concerts to the readers.  That field work brought me to the heart of Stamford, Connecticut for the final Alive @ 5 concert.

The day started off with a few drinks in Milford, before hopping on a train to Stamford and being forced to finish everything I came with.  Before I knew it, I was 10 beers deep, pushing my way to the front of a Shaggy concert, leaving everyone I came with.

The concert started with a NYC band named, Mongolian Monkfish.  The band played a few of their own songs, which can be found on Spotify, and then covered a couple more popular songs.  One of which was “Rude” originally performed by Magic! The sound quality of the video makes up for the blurriness of the visuals.

Once Mongolian Monkfish was done performing, there was a long intermission. Alright it was probably 15-20 minutes, but it felt long.  I took this time to send a text to my loved ones and use the restroom.  The people in the crowd loved me pushing my way to the restroom, but I think they loved me even more when I pushed my way back to the stage.

After a few minor altercations, I was back to where I needed to be for a good view of the concert.  Shaggy’s hype man started getting the crowd ready.  At this point, the smell of synthetic hair and marijuana were in the air, and I was one of the paler members of the audience.  Shaggy came on stage and performed his hits including “Boombastic,” “Angel,” and of course “It Wasn’t Me.” He even took the time to perform his newer song “I Need Your Love.”  He stayed true to his Jamaican roots and put on a great concert.


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