Ocean (Live at The Red Rocks) – John Butler Trio

Music lovers here is the greatest guitar player in the world. I truly believe that John Butler is the greatest guitar player that has ever graced the listening devices attached to my head. First, this song is pure genius that he plays differently every time. The guy literally makes up the song as he goes with a few significant parts that he always plays the same. In my opinion this is the best version for two reasons. One I have heard all of the other versions and this one has a lot more improv, rock and roll, and pace, and two it is played at The Red Rocks where the greatest musicians in the world play year round. The place is carved into the side of a mountain which creates the ultimate acoustic setting for people like John Butler to perform.

I hope you play this at work or in your room or wherever you do you thing and rock out. I can only listen to this song at full volume because I am part deaf but also it needs to be blasted for the full effect.

This is one of those magical moments that live music creates for its listeners where a song makes you feel so good and you take a step back and say, WOW. I hope you enjoy this one as much as we do.


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