Who Knew- You Won’t

In my opinion this is one of the best Monday Morning songs ever (and my opinion matters round these parts, I’m kind of a big deal). You Won’t is an indie duo from Boston and it seems like a lot of Indie groups are coming out of Massachusetts now.

The song here is called “Who Knew” and it is off of their 2012 album “Skeptic Goodbye”. I personally LOVE this album and this duo. I think they are extremely unique with the way they write their lyrics and sing their songs. One of my favorite lyrics of all time comes form this song about halfway through… “If I was Marty McFly, I would go back to when we, were nine, or ten. And I’d be your best friend, Say that I knew you when” I laugh everytime I hear it and love the meaning behind the song. This song captures the feeling of wanting to be with someone and all of the “if’s” that could happen in the relationship if it were real.

For Indie music fans this is a must listen album. You can tell all of your friends that you found this older hip-star band with a badass album and you can take all the credit, I dont mind.

Here are more tasty tracks off of the album, be careful these guys are addictive:


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