My 10 Favorite Songs Right Now

I wanted to do something a little something different with this post. Instead of sharing a song that I found or a new album, I figured I would share what I’m constantly bumping to on my iPod on a daily basis. They aren’t necessarily the newest songs out there but I just can’t get enough. Here’s a list of 10 songs that I have been listening to a lot over the past month or so. Let’s get this money….

10. All Time Low- Jon Bellion

If you haven’t read AV’s blog on this guy, click here and read it immediately. This guy has endless talent and there’s no telling how high he’s gonna go before he’s done. This is one of his newer songs that just gets stuck in your head no matter what. His next album should be something really special and I personally cannot wait for it.

9. Classic- The Knocks feat. Powers

This song is perfect for the summer, whether you’re going for a drive with the windows down with some friends or chilling outside by the pool or on the beach, this song just puts you in a good mood when the sun is out.

8. Loud and Clear- Joe Garston

So I have posted about Joe Garston before and he’s a very unknown producer from Liverpool and he’s awesome. He should be much more popular for how good his music is. Summer house like you read about. The lyrics are perfect and the drop is smooth and upbeat. Great song for any outdoor environment

7.If You Wanna Stay-The Griswold’s (Rooftop Boys Remix)

So our beloved Tom Lodge posted this song a few days ago and I’m so glad that he did. This is an absolute jam. The only reason it is 7 on the list is because I haven’t heard enough of it yet. This remix is awesome and it’s another perfect song if you like to run outside or even power walk if you’re into that kind of thing.

6. How Deep Is Your Love- Calvin Harris

Would any top ten list be complete without a Calvin Harris track? I posted this blog earlier and this song has just taken off. It seems that even when Calvin goes out of his comfort zone he still seems to make awesome music. He has a song with Dillon Francis coming out this Friday the 14th called “What’s Your Name” and it’s amazing. I heard it on Dillon’s tomorrowland set and the drop is too smooth. It’s moombahton which is way different than what Calvin usually puts out…but as usual it still manages to get the people going

5. Ungrateful Eyes- Jon Bellion

There are few artists that completely grasp your attention once you start listening to them, and Jon Bellion is absolutely one of those artists. Why else would I give him two songs on a top ten list? He is simply that good. This song is all about being happy no matter how much money you have. The message is essentially if you’re not happy without the money then you can’t be happy when you have it. Money can’t buy happiness

4. Mine-Phoebe Ryan (Win and Woo Remix)

I first heard this song a couple months ago through my soundcloud feed and I loved it the second I heard it. Phoebe Ryan’s voice goes really really well with the tropical house and the drop is very smooth and can turn your day right around. This is on almost every day on my iPod for sure.

3. Personality- Lil Dicky

So our boy G Baby wrote an awesome blog about this album coming out on July 31 and it is awesome, check it out here. Lil Dicky is taking over the rap game with the #1 album release on the charts. He’s made his name rapping about relevant every day situations rather than rich rappers talking about girls and drugs. This song Personality is a great example of that. He talks about getting girls by “wooing” them the old fashioned way instead of throwing money at them like most rappers these days do. The verses are so funny and the hook is with T-Pain in it is fire…reminds me of 2006 when he was featured on every song that was popular. This is my favorite song off the new album by far.

2. Back to Back- Drake

This is hard for me to put this track at #2 on my list because Drake went at Meek Mill. And being from Philly I feel like I have an obligation to stand up for the hometown guy here. But Drake straight up murdered Meek Mill without remorse with this track. I haven’t seen anybody get murdered this bad since B-Rabbit froze Papa Doc on stage in the 313. RIP Meek Mill. Granted Meek was given his chance to respond, and it was sooooo weak. Honestly I feel like I might be able to sit down and write a better 16 bars trashing Drake than Meek Mill did. I mean honestly how hard is it to talk shit on a half black Canadian Jewish child actor named Aubrey who used to be on Degrassi as a kid in a wheelchair? For fucks sake Meek even took his girl from him and he still couldn’t come up with anything better than the steaming pile of dogshit he put out as a response. *Philly rant over* Having said all of that, Drake killed this freestyle in every way. We’re gonna be hearing “Is that a world tour or your girls tour?” for a long time after this one. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

And last but not least….*drum roll*

  1. Roses – The Chainsmokers feat. Rozes

This is without a doubt the best song of the summer for me. I could listen to this over and over again (and I do) and it never gets old. Whenever I hear the snap before the drop there’s a rush of blood into the lower half of my body, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Everything about this song is perfect in my opinion. It was the first song I posted on this blog and for a good reason. It’s a bonafide jam.

If you’re still reading I want to thank y’all for reading and listening and I hope these songs make their way onto your iPod and daily playlists. That is all.


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