Lil Dicky- Professional Rapper (Album Review)

Comedy and rap are two of my favorite things the entertainment industry has to offer and when they are combined correctly, magic happens. Lonely Island and Epic Rap Battles of History (on YouTube) are two of my favorite examples of blending comedy and rap together. But Lil Dicky has surpassed what they are able to do. LD isn’t just a funny guy making funny songs…he’s a funny guy who spits straight fire and makes great hip hop music. He also makes outstanding music videos. His debut album, Professional Rapper, blew my expectations (which were pretty high to begin with) out of the water. He has amazing concepts and keeps it real in his raps. He doesn’t just say funny shit to say it. He takes everyday situations that people can relate to and tells a story to the listeners with crazy flow and dope rhyme schemes.

After the opening interlude, “Meet the Burds” (don’t skip any of the interludes by the way, they are hilarious) we get the title track “Professional Rapper” featuring Snoop Dogg. A dude who calls himself Lil Dicky aka The Original Pancake got Snoop Dogg to go back and forth on a song with him on his debut album. And the song does not disappoint. It is designed as Lil Dicky’s interview to get into the rap game (Snoop being the boss). It is an awesome song, accompanied by this awesome video.

“White Crime,” “Lemme Freak,” “Work (Paid For That),” and “Classic Male Pregame” (which, as a recent graduate of college, I can vouch for the 100% accuracy of the notion in this song) are all excellent examples of LD writing songs that pertain to real life. He doesn’t rap about stuff he doesn’t know, like blowing money or gangbanging. In fact, he has a song called “$ave Dat Money,” featuring two guys who always rap about having and spending lots of money, which challenges the rap games obsession with wasting money and preaches fiscal responsibility. He also delves into his emotional side on one of the standout tracks “Molly.” Dicky raps about his ex-girl and his feelings towards her on this beautiful track (I love the piano so much). His song for the ladies, “Personality” featuring T-Pain, is another 180 from the traditional rappers take on women. He isn’t rapping about pulling girls at the club or banging a bunch of models, because he isn’t into that. I love this album and hate choosing a favorite track but this one is absolutely in the conversation. I laughed out loud when I first heard the hook.

But wait, there’s more! Ya boi LD, aka Young Man, has bars. “Bruh…” is bonkers. The metaphors, similes, wordplay, and flow are dope. This track just proves he can spit; he is more than a comedic rapper. Another contender for favorite song is “The Antagonist,” which is fire. He takes another break from his witty, funny rap to prove he can spit just as hard as any rapper in the game. The message of the song is how he can’t even make the music he loves (braggadocios and hard hitting) because he has no one to go at, no reason to be mad. So in order to go hard, he has to rap about not being able to go hard. I love it.

I’ve talked about damn near every song of this album because it really is that good. No disrespect to the ones I neglected but I know you all don’t want to read anymore. So go get the new album “Professional Rapper” by Lil Dicky. The rap game is now changed forever.

P.S. I didn’t even mention “Pillow Talk,” which is an unbelievable 10 minute stream of conciseness in which LD raps from three perspectives seemingly without effort.

P.P.S. He’s projected to debut at #1 Rap/Hip-hop album



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