Vince Staples – Lemme Know ft Jhene Aiko & DJ Dahi

Vince Staples may not be a name you’re familiar with yet but he’s a name you’ll be seeing a lot of in the time to come. Hailing from Long Beach, California Vince stumbled into a rap career after becoming friends Dijon “LaVish” Samn and Chuck Wun, 2 people who were making music with Syd Tha Kid from Odd Future. Through Syd he became friends with  Mike G and Earl Sweatshirt. He ended up featuring on some of their songs after messing around in the studio with them. This all
happened in 2010 and since then he’s featured on songs with artists such as Action Bronson, Mac Miller, Common, and Ghostface Killah.

“Lemme Know” is one of the tracks of his debut album Summer Time 06′ that released on June 30th. I’m struggling to come up with words to describe this song and I can’t think of any song to compare it to because Vince has his own style. This song is a laid back, chill rap song with a great beat and great lyrics. Vince has stated the the album reflects his life experiences as a high-school drop out turned gang banger. That said, this album is not all about guns and drugs as you will be able to tell by the lyrics in this song.

If you like this song you MUST to listen to ‘Norf Norf”:




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