#TBT Dr. Dre- Forgot About Dre and Keep Their Heads Ringin

Throwback Thursday is my favorite day to post.  I love going back through my music and deciding what to bless the world with.  Going back through and seeing all the old songs brings back many memories and puts me in such a great mood (though a lot of new music today gets me going too).  Today, I wanted to post about the legendary Dr. Dre because he is releasing his first album in 16 years tomorrow, August 7th (which I am beyond excited about).  Dre had a huge impact on me growing up because many of my favorite artists (Eminem, 50 Cent, and Game) worked with him closely.  I loved his sound and he was without a doubt my favorite producer (and still is).  He doesn’t just make beats, he perfects them.  The way he puts together synths, riffs, melodies, drums, bass-lines, etc. is extraordinary.  

Obviously, I had many options to choose from, as Dre’s two Chronic albums are full of classics.  I decided to go with a song that everybody knows and a song that everyone should know, but might not.  The one we all know, “Forgot About Dre,” will never get old.  I’ve heard this song over 500 times (not exaggerating) and I am incapable of skipping it when it comes on.  The beat is amazing.  There is so much going on and yet, it all comes together perfectly.  The bass-line: crazy.  The snares, symbols, synths, piano: amazing.  And don’t get me started on the flow.  Dre kills it and Eminem provides one of the greatest guest verses known to man.  Seriously, this song will never get old.

Next, we got a song from the soundtrack of the 1995 hit movie “Friday.”  “Keep Their Heads Ringin” is one of my favorite Dre beats.  Like many beats by Dre (see what I did there?), he uses many simple instruments and samples to create one monster instrumental.  You can’t listen to this song and not nod your head along to it.  I’m literally doing it right now as I write.  Not to mention, this is one of Dre’s best lyrical performances as he brags over the smooth beat.  Plus, if you aren’t singing “Ring-ding-dong, Ring-a-ding ding ding dong” afterwards, I don’t think I can trust you.

Enjoy the throwbacks and remember to cop Dr. Dre’s new album “Compton” tomorrow.  Knowing Dre’s resume, there’s sure to be some instant classics for 2025’s Throwback Thursdays.


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