Awake- Tycho

I’ve seen Tycho twice now. The first time was when they opened for alt-j in Pittsburgh and the second was in Delaware for Firefly Music Festival. Both shows were incredible and it amazes me how well these guys create a visual landscape with their music and light shows. Every time I listen to this song “Awake”, its different, I always pick out new things I hear in the song (like right now I am really listening to the bass line) 

Best story about this band from my personal experience is when there was a huge lightning storm outside of Tim’s house (one of the other writers for this website) and Teej, Tim and I went outside on his porch and played the entire album “Awake” and watched the lightning storm. Basically a free light show with one of the best dream bands out right now. One of the coolest experiences I have had with a band and album just sitting and listening with some chill fellows.

Moral of the story is play Tycho music when there is a lightning storm and share the moment with your average friends who you kinda like. 

Check out some more of their stuff right here:


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