J Cole and Big Sean Live at First Niagara (7/30/15)

 Great Video

Thursday night, Mr. Stumpo and I decided to do some field work for our next post.  We ended up at First Niagara Pavilion for one of the best concerts we’ve seen in awhile.  

After some waiting in traffic (okay, a lot of waiting in traffic…classic PA highways), we made it in the middle of Jeremih’s set.  We heard about half of his set list (all jams) including Don’t Tell ‘Em (with YG) and Birthday Sex (Imagine how comfortable we felt being surrounded by couples listening to Birthday Sex).  He also performed some of his hooks like The Body and Somebody (for which he brought out Natalie La Rose).

After a little wait, Big Sean came in hot with Paradise (Extended version).  He rapped the first verse to the instrumental and then went a cappella for the crazy second verse.  He performed a lot of his hits and featured verses (new and old).  Blessings was one of our favorites.

He even took the time to change his lyrics in All Me to take a funny shot at now ex Naya Rivera saying “My old girl is on Glee and shit, probably making less money than me and shit.” It was also amazing to see Big Sean have a heart to heart with the audience when performing One Man Could Change The World. The song is dedicated to his grandmother who recently passed away, and you could feel the emotion through his performance. But before the concert could get too sentimental, Big Sean brought some life back into the Pavilion by performing IDFWU.

He went out with that bang(er), which concluded his 45 minute set.  Then it was time for the main event.  The kid from North Carolina: J Cole.  Cole came out at 9:20, sitting on top of the set on the stage which resembled his album cover, performing the intro on his album, 2014 Forrest Hills Drive.  After performing January 28th, Cole stopped and asked the crowd if he could perform his whole album (obviously everyone went nuts).  So he thanked us and did this…

He performed his entire album up to St. Tropez and talked to the crowd for a while.  He told us the difference between this tour and his album. “Any one could go out and buy the album, but this is his time to talk more about his experiences.” Telling jokes about how he couldn’t even point St. Tropez on a map.  He then went to perform some of his earlier songs including Lights Please and In The Morning. He said these songs were for the fans that were with him since Day 1.

After the break he went straight back to the album with G.O.M.D. Then spent some time telling the back story behind No Role Modelz.  About the effects Hollywood can have on a person and how some people are sick mentally.  Too worried about how they’re suppose to look.  Ending the album segment of the concert with Love Yourz. Overall, having the same message.  That it’s not about the money, houses, or fast cars.  How some people can have all of that and still be unhappy. The people without the things seen as the “American Dream” still are happy because they have love.  Lighters Up!

Cole walked off the stage and thanked us again.  After literally 5 seconds, he came back and said he was just playing and played some of his hits, including Can’t Get Enough, Planes (for which Jeremiah came back out to assist with), and finished off with our sophomore year, McCormick floor 7 anthem, Power Trip.

Overall, this was one of the best concerts I’ve seen.  Cole played for an hour and a half and had incredible energy the entire time.  The crowd was live and the band behind him was amazing.  They played every track perfectly and helped intensify the atmosphere that Cole was already crushing.  This is the third time I’ve seen Cole live, and he has gotten better every time.  I’m already looking forward to next time.

P.S. Mr. Stumpo co-wrote this with me. No ghostwriters here, everyone gets some love.


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