Frankie’s Gun!- The Felice Brothers

One of my favorite bands on the planet right here. The Felice Brothers do music the right way. They write with passion, sing with smoky voices and perform in an epic way.


For those of you that dont know whats going on in this picture, we have the fiddle player (in the back) smashing a cymbal on the drum set to the end of this song playing for you now. I took this picture live at their show in Pittsburgh and basically these guys did this kinda stuff during every song of their set. The balding guy in front of me wasn’t nearly as amused as I was during this song but its alright at least he was able to see such a talented band perform live.

My favorite album of theirs is their self titled “The Felice Brothers” album that came out in 2008. That needs to be listened to by every human ever. If you have time in your busy day you should also check out “Whiskey in my Whiskey” on this album. I am going to make it so easy for you:

Enjoy erryone


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