Our New Intelligence- River City Extension

River City Extension has a special place in my heart because they are one of those bands that go out every night and no matter the size of the crowd, amount of fans, or the atmosphere they play for themselves and make the night special with their music. I was lucky enough to meet Joe Michelini who is the lead singer of this 8 person group. I have not a more genuine artist in my 50 year career of listening to live music. The guy literally jumped off the stage he was playing on after they finished their set and manned the merch booth to talk to fans and make enough money for dinner that night. You can’t not like someone like that, someone so passionate about what he is involved in.

Back to the music though. This song, like all of their other songs, goes in any and every direction possible. There are so many components and breakdowns and buildups in the song that make it so perfect. Now for another song:

This next song still gives me goosebumps when I hear it. Its one of those songs for me that I connect immediately to the lyrics and what they convey. If you are the kind of music fan where lyrics are what get you into a band, look no further, you found your band to binge listen to.

I will leave you with one more song from these guys. Shout out to Meeker in Erie, PA with this song. You wanna see a grown man sing his heart out? Play this one for Mr. Meeker.

P.S. for proof that I actually saw and met Joe (guess which one I am)



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