The Griswolds – If You Wanna Stay (The Rooftop Boys Remix)

A few days ago Soundcloud added a new feature that gives you the option to play suggested tracks similar to the one you’re listening to. This feature is an absolute game changer for finding new music. I used this new feature for the first time a few days ago and instantly found 10 new songs to favorite. One of those songs was this The Rooftop Boys remix of ‘if you want to stay’  by The Grisworld and it’s a bonafide summer jam.

I wasn’t familiar with either Grisworld or The Rooftop Boys before discovering this song so thank you Soundcloud! I recommend Blasting this remix poolside, blasting it while you’re cruising down the highway with the squad, blasting it while you’re working out, blasting it while you’re day drinking, etc.  If you want to check-out the original it’s here. IMO the remix is much better than the original but I’ll let you decide for yourself.




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