Haters – Deorro & Will Sparks ft. IEZ

Deorro is one of my personal favorite DJ’s and has been ever since he mixed under his ‘TON!C’ stage name. Deorro is the King of Dutch house in my opinion and he proves it with this track he produced with Australian DJ Will Sparks. My good friend Ali actually just showed me this song a few hours ago and I’m so glad she did because this is a jam. Check out the track, and throw it on during your pregame on Friday to inaugurate the weekend festivities.

P.S.-Ali just started a blog of her own where she posts recipes, food, and about her adventures going on down in Houston. If you wanna learn how to chef up some healthy and delicious meals, follow this link and let your mouth water.

P.P.S.-Deorro’s released two other new tracks called Hustlin and The Way You Move since he’s released Haters and are both insane songs as well. He also tweeted today that he plans on releasing more new music today so stay tuned to his Soundcloud.


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