Charged Up- Drake

I felt compelled to comment on this.  As a fan of both artists, this “beef” is very interesting to me. We have two of the most popular artists in the game today going at it.  Drake vs Meek Mill.  In case you were living under a rock this past week, I’ll start from the beginning.

On July 22, Meek Mill launched a series of tweets during an epic rant about a few things, including the claim that Drake does not write his own raps.  He specifically referred to their recent collab “R.I.C.O.” (which is fire by the way) off of Meek’s new album (also fire).  This allegation started a fire storm of tweets and debates across the nation on radio shows about Meek, Drake, and ghostwriters in general.

To me, ghostwriting is not an issue.  Many artists work with people to construct verses and give credit to those who help when they want it.  If Drake does use ghostwriters, I don’t care and you shouldn’t either.  Ghostwriters aren’t performing these songs and they aren’t writing the whole thing (usually they might write the chorus or help with a line or two).  Meek is just looking salty when he doesn’t need to be.  His album did really well (he opened up at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart) and it has gotten stellar reviews from both fans and critics.  Meek should not be wasting his time going after Drake for something so little, whether it is true or not.

As for this response by Drake, it is masterful in my opinion.  When you hear the term “diss track,” you think, “oh shit, he’s about to go in and murder this dude.”  But Drake does something totally different.  He strays from the typical attack response and instead, raps calm and addresses the issue at hand, while taking sly shots at Meek.  The track is so laid back and makes it seem like Drake isn’t even affected by the comments and the response was just too easy.  And I honestly agree.  These four lines are the epitome of the track: “Rumor has it, there’s something that only I know/ Rumor has it, I steer this shit with my eyes closed/ Rumor has it, either I fucker her or I never could/ But rumor has it, hasn’t done you niggas any good.”  Interpretation: “say what you want about me, I could care less, it just makes me hungrier. *Drake voice*”  Meek just set himself up for failure. I’m not saying Drake killed Meek Mill on this track or anything, but I am saying it was the perfect response for the situation.

Feel free to weigh in and let me know what you think.


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