Get Closer- Life in Film

First of all these guys need to be known by mainstream population immediately. Their album “Here It Comes” is so damn good. It contains everything you want in a great album; upbeat songs about your past, slow ballads about the one that got away and everything in between. These Brits need to be on every festival bill especially with this song posted above. In my head I imagine 60,000 screaming fans singing “Get Closer” and literally getting closer to the stage inch by inch creating an amazing live moment. By now your head is bobbing to the beat and you know this is going to be the song you play for the rest of the day until you know every word (its literally happening to me right now). I would love for these guys to blow up on the mainstream stage and for everyone to not only love the single “Get Closer” because its an absolute jam, but to also listen to this album as a whole because these guys are gonna be something special very soon. Peace, Love, and Gap.

Enjoy some more of this incredible album here:


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