Meowrly- Run the Jewels

Before I get into this song, if you consider yourself a fan of hip hop at all and don’t know who Run the Jewels are stop what you’re doing right and go download both their albums here and here. They’re free. The combination of Killer Mike and El-P has made Run the Jewels one of the most interesting things to happen to hip hop in years. With the release of their second album Run the Jewels did something incredible; they created a Kickstarter page to remix the entire album using exclusively cat noises. The only thing on the album that isn’t cat noises is them rapping.  Within days the project was completely funded and now we’re finally getting to hear what it’s going to sound like. “Meowlry” is a remix of the song “Early” and is truly amazing. Run the Jewels have actually pulled off remixing a song with cat noises and to me that’s completely crazy. The rest of the album Meow the Jewels drops in September.


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