Album: Dreams Worth More Than Money- Meek Mill


So Meek Mill released his newest album “Dreams Worth More than Money” on June 29th with very high expectations from his fans and critics everywhere. Coming off his latest stint in prison, Meek says this album is more about chasing dreams and ambitions more than the wealth that comes with it, hence the title of the album. After about a month of being released, the album has received relatively good reviews and I have to say that I personally like it a lot.

It’s a different side of Meek and you can really tell when you listen to the lyrics. In the past he’s been known for going in hard and yelling lyrics about his drug dealing past, or the various women he goes after. Don’t get me wrong, those songs are great as well (Dreamchasers 2 is absolute fire) and there are a few songs like that on this album, but you can see a transformation with the 28 year old’s lyrics. One of my favorites songs on the album is “Ambitionz” because it pulls from “Ambitionz as a Ridah” by Tupac. It’s so creative and he takes the Tupac song and applies it to his own life in Philadelphia.

And of course everyone knows that he’s now with the one and only Nicki Minaj. Her two features on “All Eyes on You” and “Bad for You” are great and they really go off each other well in their verses. Oh and who could forget the one and only Drake going in on “R.I.C.O” which is my favorite song off the album and shown above. That beat is something else.

All in all this is the most complete album that Meek Mill has released and it shows how far he’s come over the past few years as a rapper and as a person. Shit, I would clean up my act too if Nicki Minaj told me to. The King of Philly is back with a vengeance.


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