The Prayer- Kid Cudi

This one was written by our boy Rob who enjoys throwing parties and having fun in his life:

Before Scott Mescudi was taking shit from Ari Gold in the new “Entourage” movie, he was a rapper. Not an actor or part of a band, but known as Kid Cudi.  People know him from his more popular songs like “Day N Nite” and “Soundtrack to My Life”, but “The Prayer” is the first song that made me respect him as an artist.  I saw him live in 2011, and the show he put on with his friend, Chip the Ripper, was absolutely incredible. It also was the night that America killed Bin Laden, so the U-S-A chants coming from the entire audience definitely added to the atmosphere.

He snags the beat from “The Funeral” by Band of Horses and revamps it to produce a brand new song, but with a similar message.  Also, how many artists do you know of that can turn a children’s prayer into a chorus? While it’s popular on YouTube, it’s not a song you can find on Spotify or any of his albums.  It comes off his 2008 mixtape A Kid Named Cudi. This started his rise to fame. Whether it’s drugs, depression, or death you can find a taste of how he copes with all three and travel into his mind by listening to this mixtape.

Fortunately for Kid Cudi, he’s gone to a happier place and the drugs are no longer a large part of his life.  Unfortunately for music, the public is left with “New Cudi” and given albums like Indicud. Although, there are some songs off the album that aren’t too bad, I have a feeling “Old Cudi” was left on the Moon after his second album (Man on the Moon II).  He’s too busy focusing on his television and movie career, but you can always travel back into the CudiZone by playing one of his mixtapes.

Plus, if you think his writtens are decent, check out what he can do on the fly.  I could be wrong, but by the looks of the video, it seems he was pretty happy when he was on the drugs too. Plus the music was better.


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