Put A Light On- Generationals

I first heard this New Orleans duo on a G-Eazy track when he sampled their song, “When They Fight, They Fight” on his Endless Summer mixtape (which is fire city, I encourage all to listen to it). I love their catchy hooks and passion pit sounding vocals, its almost like they knew they sounded perfect together. If this song doesn’t make you happy in any way go back to being Steven Glansberg (Superbad reference). But for cereal I love this track and this band because they are unique and bring a special presence with them to the studio that really pops in this over-saturated indie music scene we have now. Enjoy

P.S: Anybody else see a resemblance with Ted Joyner (the guy on the left) and the main character of Silicon Valley Richard Hendricks? Let me know.


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